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Have you (like so many people in this Modern World) ever had problems like:

•   Financial Stress and Worries?
 Are the unpaid bills piling up, but your income has not grown by much in years?
•   Wonder if what you are doing with your life is actually Your true calling?
 Does what you do make you truly happy?
•   Finding a relationship that is Good and Healthy for you?
 As opposed to bouncing from one bad relationship to another
 even though you have said “I will never make that mistake again!”
•   Not being able to sleep at night?
 Maybe because of the list above?
•   And so many other countless issues that You and other Human Beings
 deal with on a day-to-day basis.

Here is a question for you: Why is it always about You?

How many times have you heard that one? Even if you haven’t, this time


You don’t need a Psychologist (or anyone else for that matter) to tell you what your
Doubts and Fears are. Like most of us, you already are well aware of them.

Perhaps They are the same as mine?

Let me tell you a bit about myself.

Not too long ago, I went through: Bankruptcy (partly due to a bad business relationship
that I knew the person was not good for me. As in: Not to be trusted), had a shaky
personal relationship, and suffered from a chronically low self-esteem.

Then I was truly blessed to come upon the information that would eventually become

“Welcome to Your Eternal Self.”

I cannot believe - that in such an incredibly short time span - how much my life has

In the past, I wanted to believe in Miracles. But, to me, the Miracles always happened to
someone else - Never to me.

Then - upon sifting through the information in “Welcome to Your Eternal Self” I began to
piece it all together. One night, I figured it all out.

The very next day: a Miracle started to happen!

For months I was in the throws of a crappy job as a Courier around Toronto, Ontario,
Canada. It was mentally fatiguing and completely exhausting as most days started
at 8:00am and finished as late as 7:00pm. Not only that, it was ruining my car, costing
me a fortune in gasoline and repairs - all to clear less than $ 500.00 a week.

All for a boss who thought nothing of screaming at everyone else for the mistakes
that he constantly made!

The Miracle:

One Monday afternoon, I was at my Mechanics shop to get a routine oil
change. Thankfully - My Mechanic is also a cousin of mine. Sure enough, he takes care
of us. As the vehicle was coming into the service bay, he asked if it was okay to give it a
drive after the oil change was done.

Oil change done, he got in the car and we went for a test drive.

Less than 200 feet onto the street he exclaimed “Oh oh!”

“Oh Oh” is not something you want to hear your Car Mechanic say while he is driving
your car.

A few minutes later he informed me that the Ball Joint in the front-right wheel had to be
replaced. NOW!

I know, you are wondering “
What kind of Miracle is this?”

We whipped back to the shop where we found out that this replacement
Ball Joint could not be acquired until tomorrow!

Remember my Boss?

In the hour I had been at my Mechanics, my Boss had called me three times, wondering
why I was taking so long to get an oil change.

“I have further bad news . . .” My cousin, the Mechanic said in a resigned way “I am down
three Mechanics and the place is booked solid until Friday. So, that is the earliest we can
get you in to fix the ball joint.”

“Your recommendation on how much driving I should do?”


“None?” I asked - not believing what was being said.

“If the ball joint fails at high speed, the wheel and tire could let go, fly into the fender and
you could crash into the side of a freeway!”

“Sounds bad.” I said.

“In some cases - it can be fatal!”

“See you Friday.” I said as he passed me the keys and I paid for the oil change.
Before I got back into the vehicle, I called my Boss to inform him of what the deal was
with the car and that I was grounded for the week.

His Response:

“Then I will just give you some light driving and keep you
         in the centre of the city.”

“Did you not here me?” I thought. “If the ball joint fails, I could go into the side of a
freeway and be crashed into by several other cars. Not just me, but others could be killed

“Boss” I said (not using his real name as he would be the kind of guy to sue me) “You
don’t understand that I have almost been ordered NOT TO DRIVE the car, except to
home and back on Friday to get it fixed.”

“Whatever, I need you and have a bunch of orders for you that I will be dispatching to
you now that you are back on the road.”

I felt anger, and decided to end the call and talk to him later.

About fifteen minutes later, I was driving down the road when it suddenly hit me about
what I had experienced during an “Eternal Self” session the night before with Iain,
“Because of my sense of low Self-esteem, I constantly find people (attract them into my
life ?) so they can treat me like crap.”

By now, I had my Blue-tooth device in and hit the phone to redial my Boss.

“Go ahead. Did you get the orders?” he said upon answering the phone.

“I quit!” I calmly said.

“You can’t, I have orders for you.”

“You S.O.B.!” I thought!

“Well ____, too bad. After putting up with you for over a year, I quit! I wasn’t going to,
but you just showed that you really don’t care about our personal safety. All you care
about is the money.” I then hung up.

I have never felt so good in my life!

All the way home though, reality began sinking in “How was I going to pay my bills?
How was I going to pay for the Ball Joint repair? What was I going to do for a living? How
was I going to find another job?”

Ten minutes home and the phone rang. It was a friend of mine who owned a Temporary

I will call him Dave, even though that is not his name.

To make this short: Dave knew I had been doing Courier work for a boss that was a jerk.
He had received a call from a friend of his who was hiring full-time and had asked Dave if I
knew of anyone.

Dave called me. I got the name and number from Dave. I called “the guy” and started the
following Monday!

Oh ... I didn’t tell you the coolest part:

He started me at almost THREE TIMES what I was getting from being a Courier and is
one of the nicest people I have ever met. He even has the time to say “please” and
“thank you” - and along with all those other polite things people do when they respect

So yes, this is a time to believe in Miracles. More importantly, to start believing those
Miracles can happen to You.

If you don’t believe me, you are on page 7 of a book that may just change your life. I
would say to you “
Hello new friend, the miracle that you need to start believing - is
already happening.

Here in “Welcome to Your Eternal Self”, we want to take you on a journey. A journey that
is all about YOU. All about finding the Happiness, Great Health, Prosperity & Abundance,
Great and Loving Relationships that YOU deserve.

                       What is Eternal Self?

                                                    ~ and ~

What can Eternal Self do for You?

Many people like You have wondered what Eternal Self is, and what it can do for them.
Even as we were first starting to research and document our information, we wrestled

                    What is Eternal Self?

                    What does Eternal Self do?

How can we teach others to use the Eternal Self process in a simple and effective way?

How can these same people come up with amazing results for themselves every time?

The name Eternal Self came about after several months of discussions as we struggled
to come up with a name for the entire concept of what would eventually become this book.

The reason for the name Eternal Self is really quite simple:

        •     We all have an Eternal Self.
        •     Most of us did not know that OUR Eternal Self existed.
        •     Most of us do not know how to get in touch with our Eternal Self.

A lot of people we talk to have usually tried everything available to help their daily
lives and get through the stress of it all. A lot of the time, a lot of people feel as if they are
“At the end of their rope.” and “Just getting by in life.”

Eternal Self is a tool for Self-Discovery that goes way beyond (but incorporates) the
techniques of: Meditation, Channeling, Spirit Messaging, Psychism and a few other
fun things to do. More than anything, it is BY FAR the fastest way in the world to get
in touch with the REAL YOU!

That sense of you that is truly Divine and knows a lot more than you think you do.

It is also amazing in the fact that by the time you get to page 41, we will lead you through
the process of an Eternal Self session.
Imagine this, you won’t need to go to any
store and buy anything

In fact - once easily mastered - you will be able to have an Eternal Self session
whenever you want, where ever you want!

There are no more courses to attend, and no more books to read in order to become a
Master of this! You will not need a Guru. You will not need to run barefoot in the forest
after spending all weekend naked in the rain while fasting.

Everything you need to know is already within you, this book gets you there!

Yes - you could be in the middle of Times Square on New Year’s Eve (surrounded by a
few million people) and in just a minute or two, have an Eternal Self Session to answer a
lot of life’s most interesting (and sometimes really mundane) questions.

As the Eternal Self process is so internal, your Mother could be standing in front of you
and, in all likelihood, not even be aware that you are having a session.

If you have dabbled in anything of this nature before, you are going to be blown away by
how fast this process of getting to your Eternal Self works.

Don’t be surprised if you find yourself “having a session” once or twice a day!
However - the difference between Eternal Self and anything else you have ever
tried is that it is way simpler and easier to get into.

The process of using Eternal Self also has an amazing ability of lowering stress in our
daily lives - for without question - it is truly the fastest way I have ever come across to
“Get the Real answers to life’s questions and situations.”

Removing self-doubt in your life alone is worth the time it takes to read this book and
Master the process.

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As Human Beings there is more to us than we recognize, more than meets the eye.

We are not "
Humans having a Spiritual Experience" We are "Spiritual Beings having a
Human experience.

However - that huge part of us (that made the decision to have this Human Experience) is
always there and available to us. If we know how to ask.

Up until now it has been by chance (and for the most part) a completely random

Welcome to Your Eternal Self shows you how to recognize, and communicate with, that
part of us that is Eternal and unseen - anytime and anywhere. That part of you is what we
call the
" Eternal Self ".
and now Presenting ...

This Ground-breaking release of a new book "Welcome to Your Eternal Self", that
informs you of "Certain Truths" about You, Your place in the Universe and how to take
control of your life using ideas and concepts that were unknown until very recently.

Self-Published after years of intensive research (and practical experience), this book
shows YOU phenomenal simple new techniques to improve your life in ways never
dreamed of until just recently.

You just cannot believe the dozens of advantages that knowing about Your Eternal Self,
and how to communicate with, and use it - will give you in your Everyday life and
long-term goals.

Within a couple of hours of owning your own downloadable e-copy of this book, you will
be left wondering "How did I ever get along in life without knowing the secrets contained
within its pages?"

Secrets so fascinating, and life changing - that a lot of people could not have kept them
from you as they did not even know these secrets existed!

       Paul and Iain
Here is the first Chapter for you to get an idea of what the book is about: